07 June 2015

Holiday Beauty Favourites

You may be aware that I went on holiday for ten days to Crete, it was a lovely holiday and I shall be posting all the pictures on here soon but as I only arrived back home at 3am Saturday morning I wanted an easy post to write for today.

Travel sized beauty products are the key to taking those essentials needed for that time away without filling your suitcase up and half-using products. I already owned a variety of travel sized products from beauty boxes and samples, though I did purchase a few extras and although I liked all the items I chose to pack, there were these six specific products I couldn't of been without.

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray (100ml)
I've mentioned this product on my blog for yonks! It's an all time favourite and is the perfect product to bring on your travels, I took it in my hand luggage as it's a one of my handbag essentials anyway. It's perfect to use to feel fresh and smell pretty, especially as I didn't take any perfume.

Sure Invisible Deodorant (35ml) - Similar.
I picked this up when purchasing the essentials this forgetting I already have a travel sized deodorant in my drawer. I used this daily, often twice a day and it lasted me till the very last day which was perfect timing.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence (60ml) 
This is a product that was included in a beauty box that I always forgot to use so I made sure I took it with me for the holiday. It's a mist spray that provides protection from heat, conditions your hair and is anti-breakage so it's a great all in one product. I used this before using hair tongs as well as regularly when my hair felt dry and unnourished to give it a boost and it seemed to keep my hair in a good condition which is even more important when your in a high climate.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere in Passion Fruit
Whilst in Urban Outfitters I decided to finally try out an EOS lip balm and of course went for the lilac option. As my Balmi lip balm has broken I needed a new balm to carry around 24/7 and the EOS balm is perfect as it's a small size and the lid screws on. I use this daily in the mornings and whenever I feel I need to and it's kept my lips smooth without cracks, I love it!

 Aromatherapy Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser (Travel) - Full Size
This is another product that was included in a beauty box. I've only just started getting into using facial moisturisers as I struggle find one that suits my skin. I decided to take this one as it's so small it barely makes a difference in my baggage and thought it's perfect to use when needed, though I ended up using it everyday especially when my face got slightly sunburnt. It's a really hydrating moisturiser which really makes your skin feel soft and renewed.

Herbal Essenses Hello Hydration Shampoo (400ml)
I have really long thick hair which of course means I use a lot of shampoo each time I wash it, I knew a small travel sized shampoo wouldn't be any good for ten days and I wanted to avoid taking a large bottle. I spotted this Herbal Essenses shampoo and noticed it was actually a lot smaller than other bottles and decided it'd be perfect for my holiday. I ended up using 3/4 of the bottle which shows it was worth the purchase, and as it's so cheap I didn't mind leaving the bottle at the other end instead of bringing it home with me. I was a little worried trying a new shampoo as I have a struggle with finding ones that really cleanse my hair but this simplistic product seemed to do the job.

What beauty products do you love to use on holiday? x

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