17 June 2015

Crete: Part One

I have been eager to write up a post based around the photos taken on my holiday, but it took a little longer than anticipated when I realised I had taken around 300 photographs. I did post the pictures I had snapped on my phone separately not long after being home but now I'm finally getting some of the photos onto my blog. I decided to call this post part one as there's a lot of photos I'd like to share with you all and I don't want to bombard you with them in one post so I shall be spreading them out over the next few weeks with separate posts to make it a little easier.

Crete was of course my first proper holiday abroad so it was a fantastic experience, there were many downsides and I found the island a little boring for my taste and as our hotel was in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere it would be better for a relaxing holiday spent sunbathing by the pool or swimming in the sea. Nevertheless I had an a enjoyable ten days in the sunshine and I came home with a slight tan and I'm hoping the English weather will brighten up so I don't return to the ghostly shade I was before!

Have you ever been to Crete? x



  1. I did love Crete but I stayed in the centre, so I possibly had a different experience! It's a lovely place though, but is really quite! Least you had a nice relaxing break though x


  2. These are beautiful photos! I love Greece, everything is so pretty! xx.



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