The Best Holiday And Travel Tips

You may be aware that I'm flying to Greece today, it's my first proper holiday which has meant an excessive amount of preparation and planning as I have no clue when it comes to what I need to do and what I need to take. Due to my lack of knowledge I decided to scour the web for the best tips and tricks to ensure my holiday goes smoothly and I don't forget a thing, I soon found there are hundreds of articles, videos and blog posts so I thought I've chosen to put the best ones in a post so not only I can refer back to them but you can use them too! There's not just your standard stuff either, there's posts specific to beach holidays, city break and even snow holidays.

Em Talks: Holiday
Couture Girl: The Holiday
Lily Pebbles: Beach Holiday
Headwater: Snow Holiday
A Beauty Junkie In London: Beauty
Lisa Eldridge: Zero Make-Up Skincare
The Purple Pumpkin Blog: Disney
The Blonde Abroad: Exercise Essentials

VDM: Beauty
VDM: Beauty: Beach 
VDM: Beauty: Outdoors
VDM: Beauty: City
VDM: Beauty: Festival
Marie Clare: Pack Like A Pro
Lauren Conrad: How To Pack Like A Pro
Ghost Parties: Packing Light

VDM: Beauty
VDM: Beauty: Beach

Planning and Tips
What are your top tips for travel? x


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