Favourite Five: Photography Applications

I have previously written about my favourite five phone applications but this post specifically focuses on the photography side because whether it's adding filters, creating collages or just sharing your photos to the world, there are a lot of good applications to choose from. Every application I currently use are free too, so there's no excuse not to try them out.

Instagram - iTunes | Google Play
I'm pretty sure you all know what Instagram is; the perfect application to share your photographic moments and memories with your friends, family and even the world. I use this daily as it's an amazing tool to connect with bloggers and gain inspiration, it's also fabulous for sharing blog photos although they need to allow links in the captions!

VSCO CamiTunes | Google Play
I'm not sure where I'd be without this application. Instagram filters are nothing compared to this bad boy of an app. There's tons of free filters and tools, but if you want to step it up you can purchase new sets. It not just an editing application either, it has it's own explore section where you can view popular photos or you can have your own feed.

PicLab - iTunes | Google Play
This is another editing application that I have used for a very long time. I tend to use this to square off portrait photos, to add text and to add stickers. I've purchased extras in the app too so I've unlocked the watermark removal and gained extra sticker packs as I love using it to create quote images.

LayoutiTunes | Google Play
This is a rather new application that has been created by Instagram. It's quite simply a collage making app that is super easy to use and gives you a lot of designs. It does all the work for you.

InstaRepostiTunes | Google Play (Similar)
Lastly it a reposting application that allows you to regram pictures from other people's Instagram accounts. It's much easier than screenshoting, especially when entering competitions as it includes the captions with all the hash tags etc. included.

What are your favourite applications for photography? x


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