A Walk Through Kingston Lacy

My boyfriend and myself were aiming to visit the local Bluebell woods so I take some pictures and have a nice walk, we ended up getting a bit confused and lost so we drove in to a place we had never heard of, Kingston Lacy, where sat a huge mansion surrounded in acres of gardens and land. 

I'm always one for exploring new places so it was an easy decision to see what Kingston Lacy had to offer, one thing definitely being overly priced entry. We ended up paying just for the woodland walk and gardens, who needs to see inside a mansion anyway? It was fun trying to follow the given map and work out which path to follow though it actually turned out I was reading the map wrong. The majority of what we saw was trees and blue bells, oh and a lot of bulls?

When we left I'd realised we missed some of the best part of the gardens which was very disappointing. I'd quite happily head there again on a sunny day with a picnic though, there's so many open areas for you to sit down and enjoy the surroundings. Even though we were the youngest there by far, it was great to go and do something different.

Have you ever been to Kingston Lacy? x


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