Boots Haul

Out of the all the haul and buys posts I have written, I have never done a Boots haul specifically. I usually purchase items from a mixture of stores but when I went on a big shopping spree Superdrug didn't have any good offers nor the items I wanted so I decided Boots was the drugstore to be at. I did have a list of items to purchase so these were all items I needed.. sort of.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
I've been 'long term borrowing' this bronzer of my Mum and I recently managed to break the lid off which of course makes it a pain to take with me anywhere. I chose to get a new bronzer to save me from the mess and it's also nice to have a compact that looks clean!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I'm sure you are fed up of me talking about this brush on here by now! I needed to purchase a new one as the bristles of my last one have been falling out in chunks especially after I didn't clean it properly!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
There was a buy one get one half price offer with the RT brushes so I decided to purchase this sponge as it's always being praised in routines. Keep an eye out for it appearing on here in the future.

Prevalin Allergy Nasal Spray
Not the most exciting item in this haul but a vital one for me. I know plenty of tips for dealing with hayfever using a nasal spray is my top option. I started using this summer last year and now the sun is shining bright and Spring is here I've started using it again, to learn I ran out. It's a bit pricey in Boots but I needed it!

Garnier Cleansing Wipes
I love these wipes a lot, I started using them last year due to the pink packaging and liking the idea of the rose extract. Don't worry, I don't often use them to take remove a face full of make-up, they're more commonly used to clean the foundation off the back of my hands or wipe my chest of drawers clean. There's 3 for £5 in Boots at the moment which is a pretty good bargain.

Sure Fragrance Collection Bright Anti-Perspirant
Definitely a boring product but a necessity none the less! I've been trying it a range of different deodorant brands after the last few months and I've chosen to go back to my good old favourite Sure. I choose the bright one as it looked the prettiest, I mean they all do the same thing really?

OGX Moroccon Argan Oil Shampoo
Lastly is this shampoo, which wasn't on my shopping list but is something I'm looking forward to using. I'm having a lot of struggles with my hair recently, it started to get greasy very quickly and is a lot more dry so I've been using a range of shampoos to give it some life. Argan oil is known to be fantastic for your hair and at the high price of £6.99 for such a small bottle I hope it works!

Have you purchased anything from Boots lately? x


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