03 March 2015

YouTube: About Me

If you follow me on Twitter you are likely to know that I uploaded my first vlog last week and I completely forgot to mention it in a blog post.

This week I've uploaded an about me video. This is my fourth video so far on my channel and took a lot of time and effort to create. I don't want to be the traditional video blogger, I really want to create content that is more than me speaking to a camera. 

I would absolutely love it if you watched my new video and if you would like to subscribe to my channel that would be amazing! 

I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative as I only want to improve.

What is your YouTube link?


  1. If I was to do a guest blog how long would it take for you to upload it?

    1. Would post it ASAP depending on what posts I have scheduled already, so could be days or a week :)


I read all the comments, they mean a lot! x

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