UK Twitter Blogger Chat Times

I have started taking part in blog chats on Twitter over the last few months and I've really benefited from discussing topics with other bloggers. The only downside is there's so many chats it's difficult to remember when they all are, so I've put together this list (though there are probably tons that exist already) so you are able to refer backI've tried to keep it simplistic and all the times are GMT, so if you're not British then unfortunately this list is probably useless to you, sorry.

#bdib 7-8pm.  Hosted by @blogsdoitbetter
#fbloggers 8-9pm. Hosted by @BeckyBedbug
#beautybabble 8-9pm. Hosted by @rebeccagoodyear
#healthyselves 8-9pm. Hosted by @chathealthy
#Zchat 9-10pm. Hosted by @zusterschat

#bookbloggers 7-8pm.  Hosted by @bookblogchat
#craftblogclub 7-8.30pm. Hosted by @craftblogclub
#fblchat 8-9pm.  Hosted by @fashbeautylife 
#bloghour 9-10pm. Hosted by @UKBlogAwards

#altchat 5-6pm. Hosted by @altsummit
#lbloggers 7-8pm.  Hosted by @lbloggerschat
#bbloggers 8-9pm. Hosted by @bbloggerschat
#blogtacular 9-10pm. Hosted by @blogtacular

#crazybloggers 7-8pm. Hosted by @hollycassell
#blogphotochat chat 9-10pm Hosted by @blogphotoschat

#gbloggers 7-8pm. Hosted by @TamzinSwann and @VixMeldrew
#bdib 8-9pm. Hosted by @blogsdoitbetter

#socialbloggers 6-7pm. Hosted by @NoorsLense and @skinnedcartree
#everyblogger 7-8pm. hosted by @everyblogger

#PABChat 5-6pm. Hosted by @pickablogger
#lbloggers 7-8pm.  Hosted by @lbloggerschat
#bbloggers 8-9pm.  Hosted by @bbloggerschat

I hope I've included all the chats but if you do know of any I've missed, comment below with the time and the host. Just remember these are for bloggers in the UK!

What do you think of Twitter chats? x


Comments are always read and appreciated!