My First Ray-Bans

Firstly, before you get the wrong idea, I'm not trying to brag at all with this post, I am just a  happy girl sharing my story of purchasing my first Ray-Bans - how sad.

I have never owned a nice pair of sunglasses, they have always been purchases from Primark or New Look and for years I have been dreaming of purchasing a pair of Ray-Bans. Unfortunately as we all know they are rather high in price so I was sensible enough to forbid spending that amount of money on sunglasses until I had learnt to drive.

However... I walked into a Sunglasses Hut outlet as my Step Dad was the one looking to purchase some new Ray-Bans. I of course tried a few pairs on and out of curiosity asked if they had the style I liked, a classic black wayfarer with non mirrored lenses. I was handed a pair of 'Justin' sunglasses and well, I fell in love. Normally I would look at price tag and my purse would scream at me "put them back!" but as this was an outlet store they were £65.33 instead of the usual £98.

Let's just say I went feeling like a guilty child who just helped herself to a biscuit out of the jar.

What are your favourite sunglasses? Do you like Ray-Bans? x