04 March 2015

Guest Post: Taking The Perfect Tumblr Photo

Hi, I'm Laura Barraclough and I write my very own lifestyle blog called Laura Bazza. I am really passionate about writing and taking awesome pictures around my home in the countryside. I'd like to thank Colourful Stuff for giving me the chance to guest post on her blog!

Always have a camera on you. Why? Because there are those spontaneous moments in life when something looks too perfect not to take a photo of. Whether it be a blazing sunset, sunny beaches or just your morning bowl of granola. Tumblr is a hugely popular platform for sharing anything you like - from photos to music to links and video. I'll be showing you how to take the perfect Tumblr themed photo. Enjoy!

1. Lighting - One of the most imported aspects of taking the perfect photo, is your lighting. If you're outside, you might want to take the photo facing into the sun and have a silhouette of the object/person. (Like the photo of mine above.) Or if you're inside, you might turn off any lights and snap the picture by a window, where there is an abundance of natural light. Whatever you prefer. 

2. Angle - Perspectives and angles are what make a photo interesting. If you're taking a picture of someone's converse on the grass, rather than taking it from above, try setting the camera at the same height as the shoes. 

3. Filters - Filters can either bring the picture together or absolutely ruin it. If you're taking a snap of a gorgeous sunset, don't turn the filter onto black and white - you want to see the colors! However, if you're photoing a group of people in a farm yard scene, then maybe adding Sepia filter will look good. Judge it right though; because too much filter can be too much. 

So now you have 3 top tips on taking the perfect Tumblr photo. Hope this helped,


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