10 March 2015

Guest Post: Morning Routine

I'm Jblogsox I am 20 years old from the UK. I love to write and thought why not start a blogging site so here I am blogging about beauty, makeup and fashion! I also love getting suggestions about what to blog about to make my readers enjoy it more and make them more involved in my blogs. 

You can find me on my blog, but you can also find me on Twitter.

I've only done outfit of the days and haven’t done any makeup of the day on my blog. So I thought I’d do one today! This look is perfect for everyday makeup when going to school or work or even for interviews.

Step by step

I use my face wash first before applying any makeup to my face. This will get rid of any dead skin from your face and will make it hydrated and fresh! You can get this online or from any drugstore shops. You can apply it with your hands but I use an exfoliating glove which you can also find from drugstores or online. After I have rinsed the face wash I then splash cold water on my face and then add a moisturising cream to my face.

 After I have applied my cream I then go ahead and apply my foundation first with a foundation brush. I have already done a review for this on my blog so you can check that out. I got mine from boots and I got this foundation in wheat. After I have applied my foundation I then apply my Garnier roll on I got mine from home bargains but you can find them in boots/superdrug

I then apply my eyeliner I use Maybelline eye studio gel liner it’s my favourite gel liner! I got mine from either Boots or Superdrugs I really can’t remember! It tend to do a winged eyeliner.

 After applying eyeliner I then go ahead and apply my blusher. I use the Sleek contour kit from superdrugs. This is in fair.
 After I have finished applying my makeup the last two things I do is fill in my eyebrows by using the maybeline khol eyeliner from superdrugs and then neaten it up with a little bit of foundation. I don’t really bother with using gel eyebrow liners.

And finally I then apply lipstick I have to use either a pink or red lipstick as they’re the only ones that suit me plus I wear glasses so I have to keep my eyes simple and make my lips bold :) I got this lipstick from eBay.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and I will see you soon!



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