Favourite Five: Phone Applications

Phones play a massive part in our lives and applications seem to play an even bigger part so we can stay up to date with the world and share our thoughts and moments with friends and even strangers.

My favourite application is definitely Instagram. When it was first released it took me a while to understand the concept, now it seems to be an important part of my life. I use it to promote blog posts, get inspiration from other accounts and of course share my memories and moments with the world. 

Twitter is absolutely addicting, I've used it for six years now and I don't know where I'd be with out it. The company constantly update their app with improvements keeping it quick and easy to use. Not only do I use it for sharing my thoughts, I use it to promote and lately I've been using it for taking part in blog chats when on the go.

Over the last few months I've been using VSCO Cam, a photo editing app that has changed my world. I was introduced to this application by another blogger who's Instagram photos are perfect, I soon learnt that most Instagram users have this application to give the perfect filters to their pictures. It's not just great for Instagram photos either as the filters and editing tools work for everything, even editing blog photos when you're out and about.

The only game based app in this list is Covet. a fashion based app that allows you to dress your person suitable to a theme and other players vote your looks, the more votes you get the better prizes you win. The app revolves around clothes and brands that exist, so you're able to purchase any of the items you like on the game whether it's a pink ball gown or a pair of gold studs.

Last app in these favourites is Snapchat. I don't use it frequently but I do enjoy playing other people's stories and creating fun drawings. It's a great way to share a moment or memory with friends, no fuss needed.

What are your favourite phone applications? x


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