12 March 2015

Displaying Polaroid Pictures

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Since Instagram came along polaroid pictures have become a massive trend. A majority of you probably own a polaroid camera and an even bigger majority of you get your Instagram pictures printed using an app,  I like to use Polagram. Once we get those pictures from our phones into our hands displaying them plays an important part in our lives and I have become obsessed with finding new ways to display mine. 

I originally made this decorative board and although it has pride of place above my bed, it's became very tatty and chipped. I love the idea and look of  white frames with the string attached inside so you're able to clip the photos on. Urban Outfitter's sell this frame though the price is a little too high so I'm likely to make my own. 

There is of course the classic polaroid heart which looks effortlessly pretty, or you can funk it up a bit using washi tape to stick the photos on the wall. Unfortunately for me my mother would go crazy if I stuck anything to the wall, can't chip the paint work can we?

If you own poloroid photos how do you display them? x


  1. LOVE these styling tips. We printed basically our whole personal Instagram feed off not too long ago and now they're just sitting in a box! We know what we're doing this weekend.


    1. I hope I've given you some inspiration! x

  2. I love the idea of the Polaroid Heart! :) x


  3. I love the frame with the string in! I've ordered heaps of polaroids from Polagram for my room once it's finished, needed this inspo! x

    Through New Eyes x


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