Camera Buys

On February 1st I treated myself to a new camera, a Canon EOS 600D. I fell in love when I first used it and days late I was on Amazon searching for bargain accessories.

A spur of the moment purchase was a small LED Light. It was cheap with good reviews so I thought it would be a good start to getting better lighting as I didn't want to splash the cash for big lights. It's extremely bright but has a dimmer allowing you to control how much light it gives and it also comes with three filters so it isn't too blinding.

Months I've been wanting to purchase a new camera so I could purchase this Canon RC-06. It simply allows you to focus and take photos without pressing the button. Perfect for taking photos of make-up for the blog and even better for photography involving long exposures.

I also bought this SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Card as when I go to Greece in May I want to have plenty of space for photos and videos and this was a bargain compared to the usual retail price.

Lastly I bought this Duracell LP-E8 Battery so I have a spare battery. It's already come in handy on plenty of occasion - no more needing to wait for my battery charge, instead I can just switch batteries.

What other camera accessories do you think I should purchase?


Comments are always read and appreciated!