Advice I'd Give My Younger Self

Have you ever thought about what advice you'd give to yourself if you could go back 5 years or so? Would you tell yourself to try more at school? Maybe you'd tell yourself to stop wearing that old baggy purple t-shirt all the time? Well. I had a little think and I decided what advice I would give my past self.

Try more foods
 have no idea why I stopped liking certain foods but the impact it's had on me is awful and trying to teach myself to eat more when I'm nearly 20 is hard so I wish I tried when I was younger. I can't go out to a large amount of restaurants because they won't do a meal I'll eat and the only take-away I'll eat is Chinese though I'm restricted to chicken balls and egg fried rice. It's awful.

Remove your make-up every night.
When I started wearing make-up I was too lazy to remove it. Even though my Mum would explain to me about the negatives to keeping it on, I regularly went to bed without caring. I blame this for the large pores and deep blackheads my face is riddled with now.

Spend less time on your laptop
It's a bit contradictory saying this as I spend a lot of time on my laptop still, the difference is I no longer spend hours scrolling through Tumblr and playing Habbo retro games for hours on end. If I could go back and tell myself that I need a social life away from my computer, I would. I put my online life before my real life and that caused me to lose a lot of good friendships.

Break bad habits
I have a few bad habits but my worst  is sucking my thumb. I stopped for a while in year 4 as my teacher was really helpful, but come secondary school and I learnt my friends had the same habit and I acted like it was a normal thing to do when you're a teenager, but it is not and it's a nuisance to break.

Be more honest
I think this is a really important piece of advice. I have always been a confident, stand back and nod type of a girl. I wish I was more honest with friends and family, especially my dad as we may have had a better relationship than we do now if I told him the truth about my feelings towards him and how he was treating me as his daughter.  I would also like to tell myself to be more honest in general, stop telling lies and being sneaky, it might seem clever but it's not.

What advice would you give your younger self? x


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