Loving Lauren Conrad Beauty

Lauren Conrad is no one new, and her books are nothing new either - it's just taken me a very long time to catch on. I was quite happily wasting hours of my life on Amazon when I came across Lauren Conrad Beauty. In all honesty I did not even read the description, I just clicked it into my basket and days later it was in my hands. 

I assumed the book was going to be full of Lauren's love for beauty with a small range of make-up based tips, but that was a poor judgement. I'm pretty sure every beauty tip that exists is in this book, whether it is what food to eat, why you shouldn't pick spots or just what brush to use for powder. It has absolutely everything you need to know beauty wise with those personal touches, short stories and of course pretty pictures.

Other than loving the contents of the book, I am very pleased with how it's presented. I find it uneasy to read large paragraphs when they're not a story, this is precisely what puts me off  a lot of blogs. This book is perfect for someone like me, the content is completely spread out with bold sub headings, diagrams and lots of short paragraphs - yay!! Not only does this make it easier to read, but it makes it easier to find the sections you're interested in without scouring the content and pages.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in beauty, if you want to learn a bit more or interested in owning a good beauty bible!

Do you like Lauren Conrad? Do you own this book?


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