New Years Resolutions/2014 Revisisted

Rather than doing the usual January new year resolutions post, I shall be looking back at last year's choice of resolutions; seeing if they were completed and whether they're staying for 2015. 
(Yes, I got this idea from a Lily Pebbles' post!)

Last year the first resolution on my list was to get healthy and look after myself. 
Although I started off well with the getting healthy part I slowly sunk back into the lazy chocolate loving monster I am, therefore I shall 100% be keeping this for a 2015 resolution, especially as I want to be feeling and looking great for my brother's Greek wedding in May. 
I have however been doing great at looking after myself through 2014 though I will be keeping this as part of my new resolutions to encourage myself to attend the dentist and doctors.

The next resolution is to focus on photography.
I think this resolution should have a big green tick by it as I've managed to learn a lot about photography during the last twelve months. Though I want to keep it up, it won't be a resolution this year.

Improve my blog is the third on the list.
I'm quite proud of what's been accomplished over the year in regards to my blog as I gained so much passion and happiness for blogging. This made it a lot easier to focus on improving my blog; I made a snazzy YouTube video, installed a professional theme,  hosted my first giveaway and even attempted Blogmas!
I always want to keep improving my blog though so this resolution shall be sticking. In particular I want to make sure I post high quality content on a regular basis, no excuses!

Last year I really wanted to gain more confidence.
Being a confident person became such an obstacle in my life and I knew I had to change, luckily I can say I've done well and my confident has soared throughout the year, although I can be shy in certain situations. I've completely come out of my shell, so this won't be a resolution for 2015.

Lastly is aiming to achieve my goals.
These goals included learning to drive, finding a new job and deciding on a career path. This is definitely a resolution for this year as I need to learn to drive and get a full time job that will make me happy. I want to start building myself a future.

What are your resolutions for 2015?



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