31 January 2015

January Favourites

For me, new year has meant new products, whether they've been gift over Christmas or personal treats. This month there's been a few beauty products that have stood out and made their way to my favourites.

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful is a product most of you may know about-  a sweet scented body mist from the Vlogger Zoella's beauty range. It was gifted to me at Christmas and I've adored using it on a regular basis. It's very girly and pretty, perfect for spraying over yourself or even using a room spray although the downside is it's not very long lasting.

Anastasia Bevery Hills Brow Duo Powder and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Brush #12 have been the perfect combination to improve my brow game. It's an understatement to say I have been thrilled with the result, the powder has been easy to apply with high pigmentation and long lasting. The colour range for the powder is also huge so I definitely recommend it. 

I spotted the Cocunut Balmi Cube in Boots and quickly snatched it up after thinking how small and cute it was. I've heard other bloggers talk about this lip balm before so I was aware of it's good qualities. I try to use it daily even before applying other lip products and it's made such a difference, keeping my lips moisturised and soft. I also think it smells like Barbie dolls?!

Lastly on my favourites is the wonderful L'Oreal Paris La Palette Nude which you may have seen me review here. This palette is worth the try, although some of the shades are a pain to blend it's made my way into my favourites due to the shades, compact design and overall ease of use. It's always my go to palette when I'm in a rush or when I'm staying at my boyfriends as it's so lightweight.

What are your January favourites?


  1. Everybody has been talking about the L'Oreal palette - people have even said its a good Naked dupe!? Great favourites post x


    1. I wouldn't say it's a dupe at all, as the quality is no where as good and the colours aren't that similar, it's just a fantastic easy to use drugstore nude palette. I did a full review here. ♥


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