03 January 2015

First Aid Myths

First Aid Myths

Reading a post about first aid may not be on your usual agenda for the beginning of the year, especially when it's on the same blog that is full of beauty reviews and fashion wishlists, but remember factual posts like these are very important! I'm not going to be teaching you how to put someone in the recovery situation or give them CPR, I'm just clearing up the misconceptions that surround giving first aid.

Myth: Put an item in their mouth to prevent biting of the tongue.
I was surprised to learn this is a big myth, in fact it's very dangerous to put any item in the mouth as the casualty could bite down and break the item or even break their teeth, often leading to choking.  It's even worse if you put your hand in their mouth and they bite your fingers off!

Myth: Hold their head/body still.
If you ever see someone having a fit or a seizure please do not hold them still, because you may hear a loud crack. You need to ensure their head and body is protected from injury, do this by clearing the space around them, placing cushions, blankets and other soft items underneath their head.

Myth: If someone's choking they need the Heimlich manoeuvre/abdominal thrusts
You should always give five back blows - hit the person choking on their back in-between their shoulder blades, this often removes the blockage. Only after these back blows should you follow with abdominal thrusts.

Myth: Placing fingers down their throat
This is a myth I strongly believed in until I was trained. If you try and pull out what's causing the blockage the item could be pushed down further into the airways. If you can see the blockage it's likely the casualty can just cough it out, if not you'll need to give them back blows.

Nose Bleeds
Myth: Tilt your head back
When someone has a nose bleed you'll always have different people arguing whether putting the head back or forward is best and the answer is to tilt your head forward. Tilting forward slightly whilst pinching your nose at softest part should slowly stop the bleed.

Swallowing of posion
Myth: Encourage throwing up
If a child swallows some bleach you may think getting them to be sick is the best option, well it's not. If the poison is brought back up it's going to burn the oesophagus and mouth, causing more damage than when it went down.

Possible spinal injury
Myth: Don't move casualty even if they're not breathing.
If someone is not breathing they need CPR, whether they may have damaged their spine or not. It's more likely someone will prefer to be alive with an injury than dead.

Myth: Applying butter to a burn
Many people believe applying butter to burns will work perfectly fine when really it'll melt onto the skin and increase the chances of infection. You should always run burns under cold water for 10 minutes minimum or even use cold milk if water isn't a possibility or it's a chemical burn.

Embedded items
Myth: Pulling it out is fine.
A wood splinter or two is fine to pull out of you finger, though  a rusty nail in foot is not. You should never pull out an embedded object as it could cause more damage and increase blood loss.

If ever in doubt call emergency services.




  1. This was a really useful post. I'm always keen to read up on these sorts of things in case of an emergency- thankfully I haven't had to deal with anything like that yet. Really useful to know what to do if someone's choking especially! xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

  2. Great post and I love your blog, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog for more details :)

    Beth x
    bethabigail.blogspot.co.uk | Beauty, Fashion, Life.

  3. Great blog post! I always suffer from nosebleeds and put my head back- can't believe I've been doing it wrong all these years!!!
    Lexi xx


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