Favourite Five: YouTubers

Hannah Maggs - ALittleBeautyVlog
Sunday with the Michalaks has become part of my life since I began watching the weekly vlogs that are uploaded to Hannah's channel. She lets you into her family's life through a camera in a better way than any other vlogger and it's done as a family. Her husband Stef plays a huge part in their channel as he takes beautiful footage on a DSLR, uses a drone to catch mesmerising and edits their vlogs each week to perfection. I can't get enough of their weekly vlogs, not to mention their extra videos they tend to post mid-week, I've even got my boyfriend to become addicted to the Michalak life!
 I included Hannah on my Favourite Five: Popular Bloggers post too!

Gabriella Lindley - velvetgh0st
Gabby has extremely grown on me over the last few weeks, she was introduced into my life when she collabed with Zoella and I haven't stopped watching her since. If I'm not watching her amazing tutorials, daily routines or frequent home hauls on her main channel, I'll be watching what she does on a daily basis on her vlog channel. She's an addicting character, ladylike with a tremendous sense of humour that can brighten up your day. She's also talks about real life issues, such as when her very own nan passed away which broke my heart a little. I love this girl!

Zoe Sugg - Zoella280390
Surprise surprise I've included the lovely Zoe in this list. I've watched Zoe for around two years now and she has become a massive inspiration to me. If you haven't heard of her you must be living under a rock, she has over 6 million subscribers on her main channel, her own beauty line, she's won two BBC teen awards for best vlogger and so much more! She started off blogging in 2009 and now she's snow stormed into a ball of success. She's such a genuine girl which is why I adore watching her.

Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe
Although I watch many male YouTubers, Joe is the only one featured in my top five. I can't place a finger on why I enjoy his videos so much but a massive contributing factor is his humour. His vlogs are so easy to watch and often have me in laughing fits, there's no complains really.

Dana Fox -TheBlogBeautician
Lastly is the lovely Dana, the author of Wonder Forest which like Hannah's blog, made it in my Five Favourites post. Although Dana has a Wonder Forest channel based on beauty, I prefer The Blog Beautician as she gives wonderful advice and tips for your blog. I enjoy learning new things about blogs and finding ways to improve mine, her videos are perfect for that!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?


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