Favourite Five: Popular Bloggers

I've been eager to talk about my top favourites among different topics and I thought I'd start it off with my favourite popular bloggers. I'm using the term popular bloggers for those who have a high following of over 5,000 that I enjoy to read on a constant basis, whenever these blogs have a new post I am determined to give it some appreciation.

Kate for Ghost Parties
Kate is my favourite blogger- she is a huge inspiration to me. Ghost Parties is full of high quality content and beautiful yet simplistic photos that have me in awe. I'm not sure where she finds the time to run such a great blog when she writes for NouvelleDaily and films for her YouTube channel too! Kate's passion for beauty, creative mind and gorgeous taste, makes Ghost Parties one of the best beauty and lifestyle blogs on the internet

Dana for Wonder Forest
I found Dana's blog Wonder Forest through the design of Zoella and I was immediately impressed with her creativity though I wasn't too interested in her blog. Over the last few months however I've been extremely interested in her posts, she takes wonderful photos and creates clever edits. The topics Dana chooses are suitable for everyone as she's great at writing and giving advice. I also managed to win one of her amazing blog templates which makes me love her a little bit more!

Anna for Vivianna Does Makeup
It's likely you've heard of Anna as she's a big on the beauty blogger and vlogger scene. Her posts are such high quality whether she's demonstrating new products, beauty favourites or even showing her amazing organisation skills. Anna has such a classy edge to her which makes her so different to other beauty bloggers and that's what makes her stand out in my eyes. 

Helen for The Lovecats Inc
The reason I love Helen's blog so much is purely because of her clear, crisp photos. Even if it's on Instagram her photos catch my eye without me reading the caption/title. Photos like Helen's draw you into the blog not just because they're great quality and edited well, but because they always summarise what the post is about, it's like you don't even need to read the entire post and you'll understand the full topic. The Lovecats Inc has such a range of post too, yummy recipes, blog tips, fashion wishlists and so much more!

Hannah for Hannah Maggs
Lastly is the lovely Hannah, one of my favourite YouTubers- but that's another post. Hannah doesn't post on a regular basis but when she does post I immediately read it. Every post is well written and the pictures have such a unique style, most likely taken by her talented husband Stef. I don't think Hannah gets the appreciation deserves, a professional makeup artist and a new mummy to a gorgeous little boy. I think I know a little too much about her life really but I can't help myself. She has also started selling her own makeup bags too, such a busy woman!

I do have other favourite popular bloggers such as Zoe from Zoella, Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter etc. Though I wanted to choose those that as large on the blogging scene like they are.

Who are your favourite "popular" bloggers? Do you like who I've chosen?


Comments are always read and appreciated!