Reuniting With A Best Friend

As you can tell from the title, I've recently reunited with one of my best friends, though it's a little bit different than how it sounds, but before I go into the details I'd like to explain that I'm writing this rather different than the usual post as it's a little insight in to my life and why I have slacked on blogging over the last week. I promise not to rant and write an essay!
Around four years ago, I was very into virtual gaming similar to Habbo which led me to connecting with a massive community of people though I truly connected with a few. As we all grew older and wiser, we focused more on our real life rather than games which meant we grew further apart and one by one we all left the virtual space.

One person I lost contact with is a guy called Nathan, he was easily my closest friend on the game but we somehow lost contact for more than a year. Over that period of time I frequently wondered how to get back in contact with him, searching many social networking sites and messaging friends who knew him, but I had little luck.

My luck soon came into play a few days ago when I decided to re-download Skype.. of course he was online, I could of screamed with happiness. I can't word how pleased I was to finally get back in contact with him. We've been speaking everyday since, including many long Skype calls, it's just a massive shame he lives in America. Having a relationship with someone who you've never even met can be very daunting and strange, but true friendships know no distance.

I do however want to calm the nerves of anyone who is worried about my safety as obviously there's a lot of internet scandal in regards to fake identity and so forth, but I'd like to express I am more than aware of what I should and shouldn't be doing/saying etc. 

I'd love to know if you've reunited with any old friends or even family? Online or in person, let me know! Maybe you even have an online friend you've now met, tell me your stories!



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