Make-up And Beauty Storage/Collection

It's taken a year but I am finally at a stage where I am happy with how my bedroom looks! After finally finishing my dressing table, (technically a chest of Ikea BRUSALI drawers) I thought it'd be a nice idea to show you my collection of both make-up and other beauty products. 

It was extremely hard choosing furniture for my room as I have such limited space yet need a lot of storage. Ikea's Hemnes range always stood out to me as I hate glossy white furniture, instead I prefer classic stained wood pieces . I also decided to purchase an Ikea Kolja mirror and place it above my drawers even though I already have two mirrors in my room, as it gives it more of a dressing table feel, so not only is it actually easier to apply make up using this mirror but it looks prettier.

On the top right side of my chest of drawers I have two lots of make up brushes, larger ones stored in a classic white Skurar pot and my smaller brushes in a recently purchased pastel toothbrush pot that matches my duvet, not sure if that's cute or cringe though. Next to my brushes I have a large tin I bought from Tiger which I have used to hold my cotton buds, I just adore the colours of it. 

On the opposite side I have two sets of the classic Muji Acrylic 2 wide drawers, which I've filled with jewellery, my favourite and most used make-up items. On top of the Muji drawers I have an acrylic storage pot bought from TK Maxx which I use for my frequently used bottled products, this includes deodorant, hairspray, sea salt spray, body mist and dry shampoo. Other items on my drawers include a small candle, a tin of hair pins and a trusty box of tissues! 

As you can see from above, the top drawer includes all my make-up products- excluding the ones in my Muji drawers. I'd like to point out that this collection has been built up for around a year or more, a lot was thrown away when I moved and none of these products are PR samples either, it's purely what I've chosen to buy or I've been gifted. It's all separated using three large PP baskets, three long PP baskets and one small square PP basket all from Muji! This amount of baskets managed to fill my draw perfectly leaving small gaps that fit my cleansers, fake lashes and other small beauty bits.

The middle draw is my hair draw, so there's my curling wand, straighteners and hair dryer, then a Muji long PP basket filled with my hair bands. I then used Martha Stewart desk storage pieces to hold my hair brushes and next to those is a selection of general bits I like to keep by my bed.

The final bottom draw is full of my haircare, body products, perfumes and a few other products as well as accessories such as nail files, razors etc. I've kept it all separated using acrylic storage from TK Maxx and more Muji PP baskets- they're a life saver for storage! 

The last part of my collection includes these two wonderful Soap and Glory vanity cases that store other beauty products and beauty bits. The large case is one I've had for years, in fact it was featured in this very old post. It's filled with a variety of girly pamper items such as face masks, bath bombs, body lotions and more, it's my go to for any pamper evening! The small case is very new and I've decided to keep it filled with cotton pads, face wipes and all the boring stuff I'll always need.

There we have it! All my current beauty bits in a post, I hope you've enjoyed this post as I've never done one before and as another year of blogging goes by my collection shall be bigger and better! :)

I'd love to see any of your make-up and beauty storage/collection posts so comment them below!



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