Nail Polish Haul

It's easy to state that I love cosmetics, but I definitely adore a good nail polish which explains why my collection never stops growing. I've bought and received quite a few over the past few weeks that I thought doing a little haul post would be a good idea.

Rimmel is of course my favourite drug store brand, especially for their nail polishes due the high quality, cheap price and large range. I did post about my mad Rimmel addicition, but of course it has since increased a lot. These purchases were led by my decision to gain some pastel polishes as I don't suit bold colours on my finger nail, of course I brought a classic lilac (Mary Mary Quite Contrary) and a pale salmon pink (Ring A Ring O' Roses), but as you can see I also managed to pick three different shades of blue (Pillow Talk, Breakfast In Bed and Sweet As Sugar) because blue is a colour that never fails to please.

Barry M is another high quality brand for drug store varnishes and these three shades were gifted to me on my birthday. I already owned the first blue shade (NP317- Blue Moon) it is definitely a gorgeous shade, I just love blue.  The second shade (NP308-Berry Ice Cream) is a gorgeous purple, in fact it's probably one of my favourite purple varnishes in my collection as it's the right medium between bold and pale. The final shade (NP310 - Mushroom) is a little different from my usual colours, I'm not sure I'd use this on every nail, but it may be a good shade for nail art, it's quite an outside brown which does make me wonder whether I shall use it, only time will tell.

Of course there had to be an Essie varnish pop up in this haul or it would be inhumane, this fabulous sky blue (Avenue Maintain) stood out to me on a shelf in TK Maxx which is my favourite place to purchase Essie polishes as they're always a bargain compared to their usual retail price, though you often get strange colours this one is perfect.

Also included in this haul is a Natural Collection pretty shimmering purple varnish (Lunar Hazel), I was gifted three of these branded nail varnishes on my birthday by my boyfriend, and you can imagine I was a little disappointed to receive three of these instead of Essie pastel polishes but nether the less I do like this purple, the other two shades are extremely similar to Barry M silk varnishes though. 
Let me know if you find Natural Collection varnishes any good?


Comments are always read and appreciated!