Get Your Beauty Sleep

Wide awake at 3am? Well there's many simple solutions that could help you fall asleep hours earlier...

Distract yourself from reality, whether you're day dreaming about your dream house, dream wedding and a holiday in the Maldives or if you're imagining your childhood home, remembering all the rooms and as many details as you can. Imagining can become both distracting and relaxing.

Write your thoughts down, especially if there's something specific eating away at you. Make a list of your worries with possible solutions until you feel tired. Writing things down instead of just thinking about them can make everything tons clearer instead of having jumbled thoughts.

Relax properly by lying still, closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath, if you follow your breath you'll eventually forget all your thoughts and dose off.

Stay away from technology is one of the most important things to help you get to sleep. Don't read texts, reply to emails or play on an app. LCD screens on most phones, tablets, laptops and even TVs produces blue-spectrum light, which basically keeps you in day time mode making it impossible to sleep.

Try reading a book or a magazine, the more boring the better! A good story will keep you reading for ages which is what you don't want, instead you want to read something that even your brain finds tiring.

Don't drink caffeine is something most of us know, caffeine causes you to be awake which is why people like to have coffee in the morning. As nice as it is to have a mug of tea next to your bed side table whilst reading your favourite fiction might be a lovely thing to do but there's more chance of you having a late night.

Make sure you remember that different things work for different people, I know staying on my laptop keeps me awake but I also know texting can help me fall asleep. Try what sounds best to you, don't do anything that makes you feel too uncomfortable.


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