August Snaps

August has been an excellent month in regards to me posting on Instagram, I posted over 20 images which is definitely a record. I spent a lot of time creating quote images and taking random pictures so I had posts ready to ensure my timeline stayed exciting!

August has really been a month of none especially as I have spent most of it working at my current job as well as doing lots for my blog, including me changing my URL which has meant a lot of my back links have stopped working and I've lost my bloglovin followers, but I'm hoping the change will be for the better!

There was however some exciting news when my friends announced their new baby boy, although he was just 5.9lbs he's doing well and easily one of the cutest babies I've seen! I've also spent days browsing online as I've been trying to find specific bits for my bedroom, which did lead me to purchase quite a bit, see some of it in my recent home haul. I hope August has been a good month for you!

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