31 August 2014

August Favourites

Unfortunately there were no favourites during July purely as I was using the same old favourites and hadn't purchased anything new, this month however I have managed to gather a few items I've been thoroughly enjoying over August, including two that are non-beauty.

Molly Makes Blogging Magazine
Read more and find out how to get it here.
You have seen me post a picture of this on my Instagram at the beginning of the month. It's a magazine full of the best blogging advice and lots of blogging inspiration. I've enjoyed reading through the pages slowly and taking in all it has to offer, there's a section for everything from what font to use to how to earn an income. You may not be able to pick up the print edition, in fact I was very lucky to find a single copy in a WHSmith store but you're able to download the digital version right now!

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: Super Strawberry - Post 
Find the range of balms here.
I sung positive praise on my review for this so there's no surprise it's in my favourites. I have used it everyday since I held it in my hands and I can't stop using it, it's so beneficial and I definitely need other shades.

Barry M Nail Paint: Berry Ice Cream - Post
Find this varnish here.
I haven't worn nail varnish for a little while as I'm not allowed where I work, but I decided to try out one of my newest polish additions. This colour is a gorgeous pale lilac that really complements a fair skin tone. It was extremely easy to apply and dried quickly. I applied two coats as well as a base and finishing coat which helped preventing chipping, in the end it peeled off rather than chipped off after a few days wear.

Drumstick Chews
I could not resist including something sweet in my favourites as since getting a sweet jar I have been enjoying the sugary treats on display. I've always loved Drumstick lollies but the chews are so much nicer, they're just a nicer version of Chewits really but I love them!

What have your favourite beauty/non-beauty products been throughout August?

See my past favourites here.



  1. The blogging magazine sounds really helpful, thanks for introducing me to it!


  2. I've seen the Clinique Lip Balm many times, but I never went for it in the end. Doesn't it just give a kind of a vanished shade? Thank you!!


  3. That nail polish colour is right up my alley! Also the magazine seems really interesting, loved this post :)

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

  4. I like the color of that lip product. Lovely products. Keep up the good work.


  5. Very cool magazine ! Seems interesting :)

  6. That magazine looks really helpful! I also love the sweets haha.

    Chloe Andrews

  7. WOW your blog is just amazing!
    I'm your new reader now :-) hihi


  8. Love the idea of a blogging mag! It sounds like it would be super interesting! New follower here!

    Gabriella @ beautydecorlife.blogspot.co.uk


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