Review: Lush Secret Garden

Like many girls I love Lush bath bombs, though I've only ever reviewed the Sex Bomb. So of course I thought it's about time I did another bath bomb review. You may have seen me talk about Secret Garden before, as I really wanted it and lucky me got around to purchasing it not long after, but for some reason I've only just got around to using the spring ball of goodness.

"Full of flowers and the scent of spring – this will create serene and tranquil bath that will bring you back to life. Gorilla perfumer Simon created this fragrance using rose, sweet wild orange and rosewood oil to create a floral, earthy and uplifting feel. The green part of this bomb is partly made using bubble bar mix, which means it fizzes slowly for a long relaxing bath under a green carpet of foam." - Source

The Secret Garden bomb is part of Lush's Mother's Day range, making it limited edition at £2.95 each which is 45p more than the price last year! This bomb is simple sphere shape coloured a gorgeous forest green with speckles of yellow and purple throughout and not forgetting the bubblegum pink flower design. You can tell by looking at this bomb it's going to be a girly yet fun spring bomb, which is exactly why I was eager to purchase it, and when I got my hands on it I immediately noted the gorgeous floral scent, which is to be expected due to half the ingredients include flower extract and scented oils.

Secret Garden was created with parts of bubble bar which means it was able to fizz away whilst creating different green and pink shades in the water, and to my surprise dried flowers started floating in my bath too, no wonder it's called Secret Garden. The bomb took around ten minutes to completely dissolve in the water where it then left it a grass green shade with a few bubbles an a handful of flowers floating away.

Overall it's probably one of my favourite bath bombs yet it's just a shame it's limited edition! It just looks lovely in and out of the bath tub with it's vibrant colours and of course smells amazing too, they've really got a good balance with the scent as it's not over powering yet strong enough to be noticeable. 

When Mother's Day comes around next year I would easily recommend to give this bath bomb a try!


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