26 June 2014

June Snaps

It's the end of June so of course it's time for the monthly snaps post. Throughout June I have taken many Instagram pictures which makes this post look much better.

June has been a really nice month, my boyfriend got his car fixed which has meant quite a few trips to different places including shopping trips, summer walks and late night drives by the sea. I've also been doing the boring stuff like re-organising my room and re-designing my room. At the beginning of month there was also my Mum's 51st birthday where I baked some yummy cake pops (recipe here).

I must admit I haven't done many blog posts this month, but now I have a new laptop screen and more time to spend at home I shall be busy writing away and I may even be having some guest bloggers featuring on my posts (If you want to try being a guest blogger, get involved here) so look forward to having a variety of posts in July!

Have a happy July.



  1. Your instagrams are so cute!! I also was looking at your cake pops post and oh my life I tried to make those the other day and they went so badly it was so hard! How did you get them to end up so round? Mine were all bumpy :') xxxx

    1. Thankyou! I made sure i picked off any excess bits of the cake so it was smooth to start with and when applying the icing I made sure I was turning around so the excess dripped off and if it looked uneven I'd use a knife to smooth it over, turned out the knife was a really good idea!



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