An Image I Love #6

We're now half way through this year's Image I love posts, 2014 has gone so quick! I'm glad I've been able to find a variety of images for these posts and I'm even happier that many of you have been enjoying finding out what images I've loved and the meaning behind them. 

Source Unknown.
I wouldn't normally choose a common quote when hunting down the perfect image for these posts, but this colourful design really stood out to me, it made the quote itself seem a lot more interesting even though my eyes have come across it a few too many times.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Be unique, stop worrying about looking and being like other people. Don't live to be like someone else because you think they're prettier than you, skinnier than you, funnier than you.. just be the person you were born to be because I'm pretty sure you weren't born into the world to be the same as anyone else.

That person you're trying to be like may be trying to be like you. You want that girls petite body, well she'd kill to have your curves, and that blonde girl with gorgeous waves you'd love to have, she'd love to have your auburn locks. It always works both ways, not many people are happy with who they are so you need to just accept yourself, spot the positive differences when you compare yourself to others rather than the negatives.

Just be you.


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