14 May 2014

Review: Oh So Sheer Perfume

So far Katy Perry has released four perfumes and her most recent fragrance is known as Oh So Sheer. This feminine perfume is the second addition to the Killer Queen collection, the first being the original Killer Queen fragrance (Review here) which became my favourite perfume to use, so of course I snapped up Katy's newest fragrance to see if it'd match the original.

You may have seen in this beauty haul back in March, that I bought Oh So Sheer in Superdrug as I was dying to try it, especially as the fragrance was being advertised as being popular for Spring and Summer, claiming a sweet feminine scent.

The design and packaging is the exact same to Killer Queen except for the colour, as Killer Queen has red ruby like shade, Oh So Sheer has more of a purple sapphire colouring, showing the difference in the two as the red portrays the royal, important aspect where as the purple shows a more feminine aspect. I feel Oh So Sheer is more Sweet Princess than Killer Queen.

 In general I think the idea of the Killer Queen collection is quite clever, giving of the whole girl power vibe with fragrances. The royal idea is followed right from the advertising down to the lids, which as you can see in the picture below, have embellishments and finer details to give a clever touch. 

There are two faults with this design, and I believe I stated these in my Killer Queen review, first is that I wish the lids were made of a different material and I still agree with this now, as I find the top of the lid snaps off easily, making it turn into a cheap idea rather than a pretty one. The second fault is the bottle shape, although it's a clever and unique design, you cannot stand the bottle up which makes it difficult to display without laying it down or keeping it in the box which is a bit irritating really. It'd be a lot easier if they included a stand to sit the bottle in.

Moving onto the scent, it really is a pretty comparison to the first fragrance. You can really smell the berries and flowers that are used to create this fragrance, it really is a gorgeous scent for spring. The main ingredients for this scent are mulberries, blackberries and elderberries but there are also uses of rainbow plumeria, purple freesia, red velevet flower, purple lilac, cashemeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline!

I don't have a lot to say about this product as it's exactly what I expected, a girly scent that isn't too sweet or too strong that I could easily wear throughout the day. I would necessarily use this as a perfume for the night as it's a bit too fruity, which also makes me doubt that I'd use in the colder weather, but it's great for the warmer months that lie ahead.

In the UK? Buy it here from Superdrug for just £20!
Not in the UK? Find your local stockist here.

Hope you've liked this review, let me know if you've got this perfume or any other Katy Perry fragrances!



  1. I've been using killer queen for awhile and I love it so will have to try this! I kinda like the lie down bottles as it stands out a bit more on my shelf :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Looks gorgeous as well :) I want to try this out, I'm sure the scent as lovely as you described. Although I wouldn't like it if my perfume couldn't stand which is a bit sad but other than that, it looks great x



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