May Snaps

The end of the month means another snaps post and I'm pretty certain each month I'm taking less and less Instagram photos, oops!

May hasn't been an exciting month, I haven't been to many places which does explain the shortage of Instagram posts, I just haven't been doing anything picture worthy, in fact most of May has been spent at my boyfriends and at work, how boring!

However during Bank Holiday weekend I did step outside and have some fun at Bournemouth Seven's Festival, which is a sport's festival where thousands of people attend, in the day it's all about the sports but at night it's like a completely different place, full of music and drink. It's my first time ever going to 7's and I loved it, it was nothing like I expected and was such a fun weekend, excluding the mud and people who had too much too drink. Oh and did I mention my boyfriend is the top sales representative for 7's two years in a row? Haha!

Sorry for May being such a boring month on both my Instagram and blog, but next month will be much better I promise!

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