Guest Bloggers FAQ

Last updated April 2021.
I am open to having guest contributors on my blog, whether it's a one off guest post or something regular. It's great to see hear others share their ideas, see different styles of writing and admire great photos. If this sounds like your cup of tea then keep on reading.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Why do you want guest bloggers?

Simply enough not enough people offer this. Back when I started blogging I was hunting high and low for an opportunity to share my content on someone else's sight and it was really challenging to find anywhere so I wanted to make sure I was one of the few people that do offer it. It's a great chance for other bloggers to showcase their content and reach a new audience,

How would this benefit me?

Exposure for your site and social media platforms as they should be linked within the post and they will be shared across my social media accounts to promote you and the post. As your site is linked, so not only does this give you exposure but it's also a back link which contributes to your Domain Authority which is of course even more important if you are a blogger. Writing a guest post also allows you to gain experience and confidence in writing, especially if my blog topics vary from your own.

Please bare in mind if you are a brand or you are writing on behalf of a brand this may not be for you as guest posts are deemed as free for bloggers only.

What posts would you be after?

I'm looking for any new posts that would coincide with current posts under the main headings of lifestyle and beauty although I do encourage new and varied content.

If you're stuck for inspiration then have a browse through my blog and see if you any ideas spring to mind, but try to show your own creativity in your writing as all posts need to be original and not published elsewhere. Read previous guest posts right here.

How do I take part?

Contact me via a email at with your posts idea(s) and site link; if you already have a post written and ready then send me that too. I will also encourage you to include a short paragraph about you to add in at the top of the post with your site and social media links. Your post must include a minimum of one photo for thumbnail purposes.

What happens after I contact you my ideas?

If I like your idea(s) I will email you back asking for any details I still need. We can then discuss any minor editing details, publication dates etc.

I need more information?

If there's anything else you need to know either comment on this post, contact me via email or for a quick response head to my Instagram.


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