12 May 2014

Get The Trend: Checks

Just over a month ago, I did my first "Get The Trend" post and as it was a relatively popular post I decided to make a second in the new series. As you've guessed from the title this post focuses on the check trend, so this includes anything from the popular gingham print to the simple tartan, though there's nothing that quite matches the yellow Clueless look!

I have found it so easy to find items of clothing to match this trend, in fact sites have been crammed with suitable products, but of course I've tried to choose items from as many different shops as possible, so if you don't like what I've chosen, go have a browse on the same sites but drop a search for "Check/Gingham/etc." and I'm sure you'll find at least a handful of products you love!

Check Collar Shell Top- Buy it here.
I thought this is a very smart and pretty piece of checkered clothing, with a great pastel blue colour that's perfect for spring and summer. It's not quite an obvious checkered print which can be great for those who want to join the trend in a subtle way.

Bow Barette- Buy it here.
This is one of the only hair accessories I found that fitted into this trend! I do love my bows and thought this makes a nice touch to an outfit. 

Gingham Swimsuit- Buy it here.
Topshop had a few options of swimwear to match this trend, but this swimsuit caught my eye with it's simple blue and white checks. The fact different parts of the swimsuit have checks in different sizes and even in different directions, makes this a little bit more fun.

Oversized Check Shirt- Buy it here.
I couldn't resist adding a simple checkered shirt, this one is from Next which means it'll be fantastic quality and most likely very very soft! 

Checkered Dress With Elastic Waist- Buy it here.
I found it a little difficult finding simple checkered dresses, instead they were full of colours and strong prints, but this dress caught my eye with it's black and white toned simplicity. This could easily be kept simple, or accessorised with colour to make a statement.

Black And White Check Shorts- Buy them here.
These are some short shorts and I know I would never wear these but if I had a good pair of pins they are something I'd consider. The great thing about this style of shorts is that they can be worn with anything and they'd still look fantastic!

Tartan Roll Sleeve Shirt-  Buy it here.
A nice piece of colourful tartan, still quite simple and girly, but a bit more fun. This is the type of check clothing you could just pair with some plain leggings or blue jeans and not have to really style up.

Tartan Back Pack- Buy it here.
This may be something some of you hate, but I'm a massive fan of backpacks/rucksacks and I love how this denim one has been styled up with pieces of traditional tartan. 

Tartan Relaxed Blazer-  Buy it here.
This blazer is a piece of clothing that really makes an outfit. The design is definitely far from traditional tartan but I can imagine so many ways this can be worn!

Blue Gingham Skaters- Buy them here.
I am in love with these shoes! These style of shoes are still so popular and now Topshop have given them gingham prints. If you're not fond on the blue design they do also sell them in black!

Monochrome Gingham Tie Shirt- Buy it here.
It's another black and white checkered piece of clothing! I just thought this was a cute simple piece of gingham print that would be great to wear in the summer when it's nice and hot.

Pink Gingham Shorts- Buy them here.
These shorts are so feminine and cute, I think they're so great for hot weather. I definitely love checkered shorts right now!

High Waist Check Tube Trousers- Buy them here.
I couldn't resist adding a pair of checkered trousers/leggings so here we go. These are a high waisted pair with a print that's not too obvious which I think is more preferable.

Coral Tartan Scrunchie-  Buy it here.
Lastly is a girly tartan scrunchie, quite a simple accessory for an outfit really. I love scrunchies so I may have to make this one a purchase. Oh and they do this in a blue design too!

I hope you've liked this Get The Trend post, don't forget to comment any trends you'd like me to post about in the future!


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