An Image I Love #5

It's time for the fifth "Image I Love" post and whilst searching for a completely different type of quote, I found this picture and knew it was the one I wanted to use for this post.

This image is simply saying don't put yourself down because you won't be happy because we all want to be happy, and we all know what feels like when someone else puts ourselves down all of us put ourselves down all the time, whether it's something silly like hating your hair today or if it's thinking you're awful at your job, either way you're putting yourself down which isn't going to make you happy.

If you want to be happy you need to let go and not worry about how you look and what you're expectations are all the time. Try being nice to yourself know and again, just stand in the mirror and say you look great, praise yourself for doing well on an exam or getting a new job.
You will feel so much better for it!


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