01 April 2014

March Favourites

The end of the month brings the time to talk about my favourites over the past four weeks. I've really struggled with choosing favourites this month as most of the products I use are the same as I've used for months, but luckily there's the odd new things I really love right now and have been loving over March!

Dove Dry Shampoo
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This seems to be one of the most loved dry shampoos on the high street and as a Batiste lover I wasn't sure on using something different, especially when this costs around £5 a bottle! Luckily for me this was half price when I spotted it on the shelf so quite simply I bought it, tried it and fell in love. I would recommend this to everyone. It might be a little pricey but it smells good, leaves no colour and actually makes your hair feel clean.
Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish
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I have never used highlighter and I never really had an interest in it, but when I spotted these being frequently mentioned by my favourite bloggers I quickly gained an interest. It's not a powder or a stick, it's simply a cream that you can blend with your fingers to give your skin a slightly glowy finish, hence it's called Glow! I did struggle to find this in the shops but once I finally got my hands on it I've never looked back. 
 Topshop Lipstick in Innocent.
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I was casually browsing the Topshop make up stand and I felt like trying their lipstick range which led me to buy this beauty. When I bought it it looked like more of a darker pink with a hint of purple but once on the lips it had a gorgeous rose pink pigment. I never thought I could pull of pink lipstick but there's something about this I adore. It's so easy to apply, moisturising on the lips and lasts a good amount of time and I've never looked back.
 Soap And Glory Body Mist
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I have owned this body mist for a very long time and rarely used it, but for some strange reason I have started using it frequently! I even purchased the travel bottles as seen in my recent beauty haul post so I'm able to take it in my bag. It has such a gorgeous feminine scent it makes me feel fresh and clean, like I've stepped out the shower. I use it more than I should but I can't help myself!
Tangle Teezer
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When I first heard about Tangle Teezers I instantly went and purchased this sparkly purple one, and although it worked wonders I wasn't in love and kept forgetting about it, I then began to use it a bit more including keeping it in my bag for out of home hair brushing and now I use it everyday as my staple hairbrush. I never realised how good it was until I used it on my hair after washing and it got rid of all the knots with no pain, it's a miracle invention.

Benefit They're Real! Mascara
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My biggest favourite this month is definitely this mascara, I recently reviewed it here so go take a look at what I think in a more detailed post. It's a fantastic mascara with a not so fantastic price tag, at just under £20 for the full size and under £10 for the smaller one, it's a pricey purchase. Ever since I've began using it I've loved it more and more, it's easy to apply, makes my lashes longer, doesn't clog and is just fabulous!

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Buy the set including it here.
Last but not least is this ever so lovely contour brush, I love Real Technique brushes and this one came in a set I was gifted for Christmas and I never used it that much until over the last month I've really liked using it for my bronzer on my cheeks to give more of a defined edge than with a large bronzer brush. It's so soft and great for blending I just get on with it really well!

I hope you've liked my favourites from March, do you like any of these items?


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