12 April 2014

Make Up Look: One Brush One Palette

I love seeing make-up looks on other blogs, whether they're traditional or completely out there which has led me to do this utterly mad thing on my face! I don't think the pictures do it justice as it's doesn't look as defined in person, but I better explain what exactly this madness on my face is.

I must point out that this was a completely spontaneous look, I wanted to do something creative and although I did a lot of research, I just grabbed my Accessorize Masquerade palette (review here) and my H&M Blending Brush and made a start. I first applied Maybelline's Babyskin Primer and Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation to give myself a good dewy base as I knew I didn't want a matte look. I then started off a normal eye look with shades 1, 2 and 3 and it went on from there, using shade 4 blending with 2 under the eye and around the nose, creating swirls with shade 5 and using shade 4 around the edges of the swirls and creating dots and going a bit crazy to be honest. 

There are a lot of corrections I would of made for example the chin, definition, separating the swirls more and so on. Considering I only used one palette and one brush and had no idea what I was trying to achieve, it's quite creative I guess. When I started the swirls I was planning to just do them on my cheek and leave it at that, but then after trying to do a simple eye design on the other half of my face and lots of smudges around my lips meant I went a little over the top.  If I did this look again I would definitely keep the swirls to one side of my face, preferably keeping them on the cheek.

 I might make this "one brush one pallete" a series, to see how many looks I can get using the same products and then you can follow my changes and improvments regarding design and application!

Have any ideas on make-up looks I could try? Simple or crazy?


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