06 April 2014

Get The Trend: Pastels

In any magazine there's always sections that help you get the latest trend, whether they're modelling entire outfits or simply suggesting shops and it's those sections that gave me the idea to create this post which I hope to make a regular series. I'll basically choose an ongoing trend, scour websites for ideas and choose clothes, shoes and accessories to match that trend all out of high street shops.

For my first post in this series that I'm calling "Get The Trend" I'm focusing on pastels, this may not be a massive trend at the moment, but is definitely still loved by many, including me. Pastel colours have been a massive hit over the past few months and you can't go wrong wearing them especially now spring is here.

Text T-Shirt- Buy it here.
I love how Bershka have used pastel colours to create this simple yet cute text t-shirt. It can be styled with other pastel colours to create a classy outfit or even paired with jeans and trainers for a laid-back style.

Distressed Denim Shorts- Buy them here.
You can pretend your on Spring break in these pastel violet shorts, they are the perfect pastel item to wear on a hot day. 

Pink SatchelBuy it here.
A pastel satchel was an obvious choice to be included in this trend as they can be found in most shops, but I really like this pink one, also available in pastel blue!

Lipsy Stretch Bracelet- Buy it here.
This Lipsy bracelet has three shades of pastel making it easy to co-ordinate with other pastel accessories.

Bow Hair Barrette- Buy it here.
This pastel green bow definitely fits the bill to add some pastel colour to your hair without looking like you're in the wrong generation. As it's a barrette it can really be used to grip hair in a style you like.

Set of Three Belts- Buy them here.
If you're not a fan of pastel clothing, or just want something a little toned down then these belts are perfect. With three colours to choose you can add a hint of pastel to your outfit without screaming it.

Layered Shell Top- Buy it here.
This top may be a darker shade of pastel but I couldn't resist the simplicity of it. A loose fitting shell top, to be worn in the day or dressed up for the night. It's a shade of blue that works well through many seasons.

Pleat Midi Skirt- Buy it here.
Pastel pink skirts are a fantastic fashion piece for this trend, whether short, midi or maxi. This midi skirt is like being in Dirty Dancing, pair it up with a cute pair of heels and learn the tango!

Short Dress- Buy it here.
I adore the colour of this dress, it's a pale mint green that everyone should love. This dress is very simple, a slight v-neck with little designs at either hip. This dress also comes in a light pink, bonus! 

Leigh Jeans- Buy them here
Nothing says pastel then a pair of jeans, plenty of places do jeans in a mixture of pastel shades but this pink ones are my choice for this post. They're not too bold unlike a pair of lavender or pale yellow jeans, which makes them a lot easier to style and match with other pastel shades.

Heart Print Socks- Buy them here.
It would not have been right for me to not add a pair of socks to this selection! There are plenty of styles to choose from in many stores but these purple heart printed laced socks are so pretty I couldn't resist.

Peeptoe Platform Wedges- Buy them here.
Shoes like these are made for the brave and confident girls, not ones like me who could never pull them off. If you're feeling adventurous why not try the idea of them with a pair of skinny white jeans and pretend your in L.A? 

Chain Necklace- Buy it here.
Chain necklaces have been all the rage for a long time and now they're carrying on the trend trend by adding some colour and lucky for me they're pastel! You can find this one in both pastel pink and mint green!

Patent Block Heels- Buy them here.
The irresistible to mention heels, in of course a pastel shade of blue. Easily paired with any outfit but best worn with midi skirts or a little dress to keep the cute but classy look.

Quilted Cross Body Purse- Buy it here.
Last but not least is this purse that I nearly bought myself a few days ago. It's fantastic for styling up your outfit with a little colour on an evening out or to remove the chain and use daily as a purse, though the gold chain and bar makes it a little bit more exciting.

There you go! I've given you plenty of ideas on how to get in on the pastel trend and I'd love to know what you think of this Get The Trend series idea, maybe you have some trends you'd like me to do? I'm not sure how often I'll be doing this post, but time will tell.

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  1. Omg those platform sandles!!! Love this post so much :) xo

  2. love this post so much :) everything I literally LOVE please could you check out my blog www.lilysbeautyroom.blogspot.co.uk and maybe comment?
    thankyou xo

  3. I love pastels too. Have you tried any of the new(ish) Barry M gelly pastel nail polishes? They look so pretty and the colours reminded me of your post! Just to let you know, we've nominated you for a Liebster Award - love your blog. Amy and Laura x


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