DIY: Decorative Board

Some of you may know I've been decorating my room over the past few months and it's all very simple and pretty. I was planning to cover my wall in pictures and so forth, but after realising that'd be silly as the walls are all freshly painted I found pictures on Pinterest of  decorated cork boards which gave me the idea for this decorative board. It's a really simple and easy idea to creative some fun decor for your room, you make it whatever colour you want and add anything you want on it but I'm going to tell you the basics on how I've done mine!

You will need:
- A cork board.
- Paint (Colour of choice),  It's a good idea to use emulsion for the board and satin for the frame.
- Paint brushes/sponges.

For decoration you may need:
- Polaroids (I purchased mine at
- Rope string.
- Small pegs.
- Cuttings/pictures/cards etc. 
- Push pins
- Washi Tape
What to do:

1- Firstly you'll need to paint your board. Using a paint brush or sponge you need to paint the entire cork surface, after applying all over leave to dry. After it's dry you need to do another coat, feel free to do as many coats as you want, the more coats you do it will be a stronger colour. 
2- After the cork section is dry you need to paint the edges, this is optional if you would rather keep a wooden edge and just want a normal cork, of course you could just paint the edges and not to cork, it's up to you.
3- After the entire board is dry it's time to hang up unless you're not having it placed on a wall. If you are hanging it, you may need help to ensure it's straight and hung where you desire. If the cork board doesn't come with hanging pieces, you can choose whether to use picture hooks or screws and string. If you're not sure how to hang the board, get some help from an appropriate person or source.
4- After hanging the board its time to decorate. Firstly use rope string to hang across the top of the board, this will be used to peg the polaraid pictures on, like a little washing line! 
5- Add other decorations like pictures and quotes from magazines, which you can stick these on using washi tape to make it prettier, or traditionally pin it. You could also add postcards and whatever else you'd like.

I hope you've liked this DIY post, sorry it's not that great but I'm not too experienced with DIY posts yet!

Any DIY posts you'd like me to do?


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