Brighton Affairs

Last Sunday I went to Wales and this Sunday I went to Brighton. I went with my mum and we stayed over night in the local Premier Inn which in all honesty wasn't too nice, especially when our view was mainly bins and bird poo! This was the first time me and mum have been away on our own and it was lovely too have some mother daughter time. 

Once we arrived, we checked in and freshened ourselves then headed to TK Maxx which was right over the road, we then ventured around and had a drink and snack in a nearby café. As it was Mother's Day there were people everywhere, anyone would think women like to shop! 

After leaving the café we walked down to the beach and onto the pier, where we took lots of selfies that shall never be seen! We just strolled to the end of the pier, took lots of pictures and moaned about people not knowing manners, I'm sure we're not the only ones who get irritated by impolite strangers in public.

After walking walking all around the pier, we obviously chose to go on the Brighton Wheel where I got all the following pictures. I took so many it was hard to choose which ones to add on this post but four is enough! It was a clear day and the sun was low which made it a great opportunity to admire not only Brighton's sea side, but the windy roads and old houses that filled the city.

Once we left the Brighton Wheel we walked around for a while, venturing through the Pavilion Gardens, through the North Laines and back to our place for the night. We stayed in for the rest of the night and watched some TV and had an early night as Monday we got up rather early for a day of shopping! 

Shopping was manic, I can't say I enjoyed myself that much as I couldn't find anything I wanted, though I must say the Boots is tremendous and I could have found myself in there for ages! There was so many boutiques, high end shops and the usual high street shops we spent hours exploring. After many long hours of shopping and a McDonalds we got the train home, where we got a little lost and ended up getting off too early, oopsy! 

Even though we shopped for hours on end and only stopped for me to apply plasters and eat McDonalds, I ended up buying a Smashbox sample set, pastel socks and a storage container! I'm very disapointed that out of the hundreds of shops I only bought three things, but I blame the fact that I've been shopping so much lately I've seen everything!

I did have a lovely time with my mum, and I hope you all had a great Mother's day whether you celebrated or not. I Hopefully I'll be going back later this year and I'll enjoy it more and will come away with more than 3 times and maybe I'll find a YouTuber too as I failed too this time, not that I was looking!

What did you get up to Mother's day?


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