30 April 2014

April Favourites

 I'd normally struggle with favourites as I haven't been buying or trying new things but April seems to have been the month of me finding new loves and this includes some non-beauty favourites too! A lot of these beauty favourites were featured in my recent beauty haul which you can find here

Porefessional Primer (Sample)
Buy the full version here.
This is one of the most spoke about primers but with a price tag of £24.50 I really didn't think it'd be worth it, but after purchasing Benefit's "Happy Beauty Day" for £9.95 from Boots which included samples of the Pore Professional Primer, Posie Tint and Bad Gal Mascara it was my time to give this popular primer a try. When I first used it I instantly fell in love, it is so thin and creamy making it easy to apply, it's not greasy or silicone like other primers. I can feel my foundation sticking to it, in fact  my whole foundation application has turned a corner after using this. This has made it's way into my favourites quite quickly.

Garnier Cleansing Water
Buy it here.
Cleansing waters are all the rage and there are so many it was hard to choose what one to try first, but after seeing positive reviews and comments about Garnier's and then seeing a cheap price tag for it in Boots I decided it would be my first cleansing water I'll be using and I have no regrets. I straight away knew I'd be including it in my April favourites after only using it a few times! My skin has improved dramatically since using it, it's amazing how something that seems so simple can remove any type of make-up without having to rub too hard or make your skin sting or irritated. I could recommend this forever at this rate especially whilst it's on offer for just £2 at Boots.

MAC 217 Blending Brush
Buy it here.
If you know anything about make-up you would have heard of this MAC brush, it's one of the most popular eye shadow brushes and I can understand why. I decided to treat myself to this brush and I have no regrets. Like all MAC brushes it's high in quality and does the job well. Picks up a good amount of pigmentation and blends over the lid and into the creases without an issue. 

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo And Conditioner
Buy the shampoo here and conditioner here.
I have been having issues with my hair recently and decided to go back to basics with my shampoo and conditioner so what better than some nice cheap Dove repair products? Luckily for me they seem to be on offer everywhere too so it was an easy choice. They've really changed my hair quality, keeping it clean for longer, soft and nourished.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade Nude Pink.
Buy it here.
This is one of the newer purchased lipsticks and it's become my day-to-day wear as it's such a classic pink with a slight shimmer. I think I love this lipstick a little too much for it's simplicity, but hey I love Rimmel!

NYC HD Quattro Eyeshadows 815
Buy it here.
 I love Lily Pebbles and if she believes a £2.99 eye quad is a dupe for a Chanel product, then I'm happy to try it out. This quad has been my daily staple since the day I bought it, it's such a small product with a small price I expected it to be quite rubbish really, but the colours have a good pigmentation, pick well up on a brush, they blend well together especially if used with a eye-primer and are great for a simple day look or darkened up for an evening look. Sometimes cheap products really are great.

I also have some non-beauty favourites too!

Minecraft (PC)
Purchase it here.
I spoke about my recent Minecraft addiction in yesterday's April snap post. I blame some of my favourite YouTubers for posting lots of Minecraft videos as well as my boyfriends nephew who kept making me play the demo with him. It's such an addicting game, I find it impossible to get off! I love making my own home and mining for diamonds like I am somehow cool when really I need to get outside.

The Fault In Our Stars
Buy the book here.
I'm sure you've heard of this book, if not then maybe you've heard of the film that's coming out soon? No? Well.. you better get Googling because it's one of the most popular books this year to date. I finally purchased it about a month ago and read it in a matter of hours when I got home, I laughed, I cried and I wanted a lot more. It's such a beautiful book and if you're not into reading then take a look at the trailer. It's going to be wonderful.

Divergent (Film)
If you haven't heard of this film, which is also a book series. If you liked Hunger Games then you'd like Divergent as both films are alike but with completely different story lines. I'm not sure why I adore Divergent so much, but it has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it, I've even had dreams about it. 
The two siblings who star in Divergent are also the two main characters in The Fault In Our Stars film, cool aye?

See my March favourites here.


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