Sit Back And Relax

Candles lit, fairy lights on, iTunes open, a good magazine and I'm in my own world having some much needed down time. 

I know what I need to do to relax, in fact you may have seen my "How To Relax" post where I gave you plenty of tips on how to calm yourself down whether you're stressed to high heavens or just a little annoyed.

The above picture shows my perfect relaxing evening, I have lots of fairy lights turned on, scented candles lit, Company's latest magazine to read through, my laptop to play music and browse the internet, fresh sheets, comfy pillows, closed blinds and a shut door, I may even do a face mask and paint my nails. All of these factors contribute to how I like to relax, maybe you find some of these factors helpful too!

It's important you know how to relax and you don't let life get the better of you- whether you suffer with anxiety, you're finding school work too hard or you're hating work more than ever. 

How do you like to relax? Do you have any relaxation tips I should know about?


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