07 March 2014

Review: Lush Sex Bomb

Like many girls, I love Lush bath bombs and I always try to get new ones and experiment, this led me to finally trying their Sex Bomb. The smell of this product is absolutely gorgeous, which is probably one of my favourite factors about it! I can't explain the smell, it's just like walking into a field of flowers in the middle of spring.

As you can see, it's a simple sphere shape, the colouring half and half of baby pink and pale violet with a pretty pink flower sat in the centre. You can imagine the colours and effect it creates when placed in a bath.

It's like the bath water has an ombre effect when it's first dissolving. The side of the bath where the bomb was placed is a gorgeous deep pink and then further up the bath it becomes a lot paler. Once the bomb is completely dissolved it's a dark magenta shade which is so pretty especially when there's a little flower floating around!

The bomb isn't one to be used for bubbles instead for the colour, smell and moisturising qualities, oh and not forgetting how relaxing it makes you feel. It's not a bath bomb that will take over my love of Space Girl but is high up there for when I feel like having a pamper.



  1. One of my FAVOURITE bath bombs ever! I always find myself re purchasing it over and over again. Lovely post hun! x

    Samantha // www.mascaraandcakes.co.uk

  2. I am definitely going to try this bath bomb, the water looks really pretty!

    Dash of Blue


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