Busy Times

I have been a little busy lately, which explains my lack in constant blog posts and I'm sorry for that. Especially when I try so hard to get better at blogging, I slip up and fail. If you've been following me for a while, or have seen some of my older posts you'll be aware that I moved house late last year and ever since I've been living out of boxes, decorating constantly and hating my room. Everything seemed to be glowing slowly but yesterday was the day my furniture for my room finally arrived! I spent all day putting everything together, deciding where it all goes and filling it up. I finally feel like I have a proper bedroom again! I am hoping to do a room tour on my YouTube channel when the finishing touches have taken place and I'm completely happy so keep an eye out.
I will be writing up a lot of new posts and I'l try my best not to slack with blogging again. I just cant wait for the end of the month when I go to Wales and Brighton, so I may be vlogging!

Are there any posts you'd like to see?


Comments are always read and appreciated!