A Weekend In Wales

 My parents, boyfriend and myself traveled to South Wales on Sunday and returned home on Monday evening, including a trip to Bristol on Monday afternoon! You may already know about me going away if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I didn't expect to get back home so late which is part of the reasoning I haven't had a blog post since Sunday, I did plan on this post done for Tuesday, now it's Thursday... oops! 

When we arrived at my brother's house, we sort of chilled out and ate some cake. My youngest nephew has fractured his leg and is current wearing a cast which is the cutest thing ever. After a few hours at theirs, we drove to my brother's new business unit (exciting right?) and then drove to a nearby lake where the boys fed ducks and my brother walked the dog. I took far too many pictures but none are that great, which is disappointing. I blame the cold weather as my hands were like ice!

After duck feeding and excessive moaning of the cold weather, we carried on walking to a pub which is right next to the lake, as the dog was with us and the boys were playing in the attached playing area we had to sit outside and I'm pretty sure I turned into an ice cube with eyes. 

We then left the lake and checked into the hotel, to freshen up and get ready for a family meal at their local pub where I had a Daim milkshake that came in a milk bottle with paper straws, check my Instagram for a picture! Me and my boyfriend played pool with the two eldest boys and it was interesting, I'm not going to become a professional pool player anytime soon! After our meal and a good chat, we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel.

In the morning my mum and I walked to the local shopping outlet and had a good shopping spree, considering all the good high street shops such as Boots, TK Maxx and River Island were there it was hard not to buy anything! The only issue was in Wales you have to pay 5p per bag you use!

After shopping the plan was to go into Cardiff but due to the awful weather forecast we made a change and went into Bristol. Due to it being quite late and busy we didn't get a lot of time to shop properly so I was disappointed and only bought a couple of things. After a Krispy Creme doughnut and tea it was time to drive back home. 

The drive home consisted of me sleeping, singing and playing games on my phone. When we arrived back home I was so relieved as my legs had turned to jelly and I felt rubbish! 

I'm going to be doing a selection of hauls from Wales, Bristol and home over the next few days so keep an eye out.

Have you been to or live in Wales? Or would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!


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