A Sunday In Lyndhurst

Sunday's are the days I always try to do something with my boyfriend, whether it's just going shopping or a big day out, Sunday's are just our day together and have been since we started dating. So this Sunday we decided to have an afternoon picnic on the greenery in Lyndhurst which is a small village in the New Forest, Hampshire. I do love going anywhere in the New Forest just because it's all so pretty whether you find a village, lake or just some grass there's always amazing scenery and views.

I didn't get a chance to take many photos, let alone any amazing ones on Sunday so this post may come across disappointing, but I like to share my day outs with you, whether you're genuinely interested or just want to be nosey!

 Spring is finally here and I can't wait to have more trips and adventures to share with you. In fact next Sunday I'm going to Wales, and the Sunday after that I'm going to Brighton! So expect lots of blog posts regarding my times there, hopefully with good pictures. I may even vlog both weekends.

Are there any places in England you'd recommend me to visit? I'd love to know!


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