20 Facts About Me

I felt like doing a post like this just so you could get to know me a bit better and I'd love to see what you think of the facts I've come up with. I am a weird person so be warned! 
I'd also love to see you do this post so if you do comment and I'll take a look!

1- I am obsessed with Katy Perry. Coincidentally playing her music right now
2- I don't like Pizza, or burgers, or tomato ketchup, or well.. 85% of food.

3- I still suck my thumb..(I'm 18)

4- I have an old YouTube channel called J3SSii33x look it up, there's embarrassing videos!

5- The only cereal I have milk with is Weetabix, and even then I have hot milk.

6- I have a "memory box" that has tons of memorabilia type items I've collected since I was little and I still collect things for it now.

7- I shout, talk and often swear in my sleep.

8- I am a terrible hoarder, I won't get rid of things unless I really really really have to.

9- I can't swim.

10- I have a fear of foxes yet I think they're so cute and fluffy.

11- I am great at lying, so great I lie about things I really shouldn't, I've even created fake emails and texts to make my lies completely believable. 

12- Whenever it's sunny I'm happy, it seems impossible for me to be even slightly moody when it's sunny.

13- I never ever wear jeans, I always wear leggings.

14- The only abroad place I've been is France.

15-  I'm really shy when I first meet people, but as soon as they make conservation I turn into a madman.

16- I am a massive mummy's girl :)

17- I'n my entire life I've only had one rabbit as a pet.

18- Chicken nuggets are my favourite food.

19- I am one of the clumsiest people you'd ever meet. 

20- I love going on long drives but will most likely fall asleep after 20 minutes.


Comments are always read and appreciated!