Valentine Make-Up

Happy Valentines everyone! Over the past few days weeks there have been a lot of posts and videos about Valentines, especially make-up looks which leads me to today's post. I'm not going to be showing you a make-up look, instead I'm going to be showing a selected few nail varnishes, a blusher and lip products that are best  to wear on Valentines day, so beware there are a lot of pink and reds!

I have chosen five lip products as shown below that are perfect for Valentine's! 
Firstly on the far left we have the Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in Pink Punch and then next to that is the Cherry Me shade, these balms are great for this time of year when your lips are dry and need moisture yet you want a little colour. Pink Punch is a light rose pink colour where as Cherry Me is more of a red yet not too vibrant. Next is a Topshop lipstick in the shade Innocent, this is a very classic pink which is not quite matte so still gives a nice shine. We then move onto the darkest lip product which is the Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 01, this is a great simple matte lipstick that finishes off any make-up look. Last but not least is something different, it's Rimmel's Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in the shade 600 Carry On Cherry, this is a similar shade to the Rimmel lipstick yet it's a tint and is will last for hours making it great for giving kisses!

I found it hard choosing just five suitable varnishes so here's six!
Starting from the far left I've chosen Rimmel Salon Pro in the shade Urban Purple, it a nice alternate to a simple dark pink as it's such a deep shade, in fact this is one of my all time favourite varnish colours. I think this shade is best for if you're going for a classy meal or cocktails! Next is an N.Y.C varnish in the shade Fuchsia Shock Creme, it's a bright pop pink I couldn't resist from choosing, if you're going to choose a pink then a bright one is the best! To the right of this is a Barry M paint in the shade Buzz, which is quite a dark salmon colour, I think this makes a nice change to a traditional red. Another Barry M Paint is next and it's one out of their new silk line, this is the gorgeous shade Blossom which is the varnish I shall be sporting for today! It's such a delicate colour that can be worn all day whether you're staying in or going out, it's just pretty. Time for a classic simple red varnish, Max Factor Glossfinity and the shade's called Red Passion, need I say no more to why it's perfect for Valentines. The last varnish is one of my many Rimmel Lasting Finish colours, this colour is called Hot Shot, a bright girly pink that's not too in your face..


 There's only one blusher I'd like to mention...
It's something very different, a Marks And Spencers Limited Collection Wanderlust Blusher which I was given for Christmas, you may have guessed considering there's a reindeer in the middle. This may seem very non-valentine but the colours are perfect They are gorgeous and this is a blusher I'd choose to wear on valentines.The outside colour is a soft rose pink, the center is a warm darker pink, slightly purple even and when both colours are blended they create a very warm rose pink!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's given you some ideas of how to do your make-up today :)
Whether you're spending your day with a loved one, with friends or on your own, have a nice day!


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