Review: Rimmel Foundations

Not long after posting my Rimmel Addiction post I went out and bought a fourth Rimmel foundation, Match Perfection.. which you may have seen from my Instagram and my recent beauty buys post. Considering I now own 4/5 of Rimmel's foundations I thought it'd be a good idea to review each one and compare them all to give you a better idea of the differences and similarities.

I'd like to first point the shades of each foundation were 100 Ivory and you can find each of these foundations at any drugstore, online or maybe even a supermarket. 

Match Perfection- This is my most recent purchase.
The packaging is simple, a glass bottle with a dark blue lid and dark blue pump to match, you can't really go wrong. Onto application, I'd say it's a medium coverage that can easily be built up, what I love most is that you only need a little bit to make it count and it blends so well! It's not a foundation that leaves you with tide marks, streaks or patches. Another great point is how it fails to make your face look shiny nor too matte which makes it lovely for creating a more natural look, and considering I have oily skin I did expect it to look greasy yet there was none of that! When I wear this foundation along with primer and powder it does seem to last all day, if I touched up a little in the day you wouldn't even know. I can't find any faults with this foundation which is unusual for me!

Wake Me Up- My previous daily foundation. 
It's in a different shaped glass bottle with a different coloured lid and pump, how exciting. Like the Match Perfection it has a medium coverage and can be built up although I do find these foundation not too great for that as it stays quite wet. I'm going to jump straight in and focus on the shine, glitter, whatever you'd like to call it! I didn't notice it in the bottle nor on my face until one day in the car mirror and ever since I see it everywhere, over my hands, even over my bag and it does my nut in. I think the shimmer is great for the summer but when it's winter and you want more of a natural matte look it's a bad idea unless you want to partner it up with powders and so forth. I find this foundation takes its time to blend in as it doesn't dry too fast but that's not a big deal, and after blending it does look good. Lastly the length of wear is probably a good half of a day without touching up but of course with touching up it can last as long as you make it.

Lasting FinishAn old love.
Exact same packaging as Match Perfection with a different colour! This foundation has a low-medium coverage and I find it a little difficult to build up as it turns cakey. It seems to turn cakey due to how quickly it dries when it's applied, which also makes it a difficult to blend making me use more pumps than I should really need to. It has quite a matte finish which does make it last a long time.

Stay Matte- A forgotten mystery.
Strangely for Rimmel this foundation is in a tube rather than a bottle which is disappointing. I used to use this mixed with Lasting Finish to create a good colour because the colours available for both are terrible. The coverage for Stay Matte is low coverage and I wouldn't recommend building it up as it goes cakey and sometimes patchy. This foundation isn't very matte at all, in fact those with oily skin should stay away as it will just make it look worse. The worse thing about this foundation is the smell, it smells disgusting!

My favourites are of course the Match Perfection and Wake Me Up and I wouldn't recommend Stay Matte to anyone! I hope this has helped you if you wanted to know a bit more about Rimmel's foundations, I may even purchase their new Stay Matte mouse!


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