Review: Lush Cosmetic Warrior Mask

So one day I ventured into Lush to buy some bath bombs but for once I wandered over to their face mask stand to have a nosey and ending up purchasing a pot of Cosmetic Warrior. I am a sucker for a face mask that claims it fights against spots so no wonder I wanted this one so badly although the price of £5.95 isn't too great.

This particular mask includes garlic, green grapes, eggs, honey, cornstarch, tea tree oil and more. The thought of putting garlic on my skin is strange, but anything that includes tea tree oil for my skin is a must for me because it does wonders.

All of the ingredients seem to create a gloopy, yucky, smelly mixture which you're supposed to keep in a fridge. I didn't realise it had such a weird consistency until I smeared it on and lumps were on my face.

In the pot it sounds, looks and even smells good for me although I've seen a lot of people disliking the smell?! I've used it once, after using it it immediately reducing redness, and after a few days I noticed that my pores were a lot smaller and cleaner, my skin was smoother and there was an overall positive outcome.

The unfortunate event though is when I went to use this mask again, it was out of date.. this really wound me up and I'd not long bought it and I'm basically throwing £5 away! I was silly not to of checked the date properly and worked out how long I had left. I am tempted to treat myself to it again though as it does such a great job.


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